Tessellations are not only used in geometry or art, but in everyday life. A builder had to lay these bricks in a perfect pattern, and if the bricks did not tessellate the building would eventually collapse.

Tessellations are also in the bathroom believe it or not. when putting tile on the floor you have to make sure everything is just right: the measurements, the tile, and the tessellation design.  


In this quilt pattern I found several different patterns. if you look closely you can see that the entire quilt is made up of tilted squares. But what really impreased me was that the top-stitching takes the form of something called a "polar rose curve".


The colony of bees including the queen move into a comfortable enviroment, and the worker bees use honey that they have stored in their tummies as they left their original hive to make wax (bees wax). They chew up this wax and shape it into a new comb with hexagonal cells. The queen lays new eggs in this and the new colony starts.